13 Things I’ve Learned Running a Successful Energy Healing Business

CalfCreekDCI love August, because I have 2 anniversaries!

Today is my 34th Wedding Anniversary – woot, woot!

Wow, that is so weird!  I look at my hubby, “Dean the dream” (the nickname my Australian students gave him for his awesomely helpful assistance in the classroom) and it feels strange that we’ve been together that long and that so many years have passed so quickly!

During those years we’ve raised (and are still) 5 kids ranging in age from 31 down to 14.  They are the loves of our life, and all very different, yet they get along

This past year we’ve added a daughter-in-law AND a son-in-law to our family AND next month we will be adding one more daughter-in-law – Yay!  We adore them all, and I consider myself very blessed to call these 9 amazing people my family!

The other anniversary I celebrate this month is my work anniversary. Thirteen years ago I started my first website and have been loving the online entrepreneur life ever since!  During these past 13 years, I have stretched, and grown and learned so very much!  

So in thinking back over the years, I’d like to share with you….(drum roll please…)

13 Things I’ve learned running a successful Energy Healing business

1. Everybody has a story. Really listen with your ears AND your heart

2. Set and maintain healthy boundaries: with clients AND with work hours.

3. Being confident in what you do helps others believe in it, even if it’s all new to them.

4. Be willing to look at situations from different angles. Inspiration can come from
random interactions –be open minded to what you see, hear, and feel.

5. Stay true to your values. Everyone has a different definition of success, take time early on to determine what it means for you and stick to it.

6. Believe in your abilities and get a great support system who believes in you too–spouse, family, friends, your team, mastermind group-any or all of these work, but don’t try to go it alone.

7. Taking time off is not a luxury it’s a necessity. It is very productive to charge your
batteries. Most often answers and insights come when you give your mind a break from

8. You must find your own balance between moving with the trends and avoiding BSOS
(bright shiny object syndrome). I admit, I still have to watch myself on this one!

9. Outsourcing is your friend. Know where you shine and hire others for the places you
don’t. When hiring someone to do work for you, be super clear on what you want and
when you need it.

10. Accept Change –believe you are always being led to something better. Several years
ago I had to change my company name (not my choice). Although it took me many
months to come up with it, the new name has served me much better!

11. New level, new devil. Trust your gut and be bold! As my friend’s husband, a successful entrepreneur says, “Owning your own business is basically just making decisions continually every day”. Yep, get used to it, and know the “new devil” will show up-at least until you are bold enough to push past him.

12. Don’t accept every invitation – for interviews, networking events, speaking gigs, etc.
Make sure the invitation is not a distraction, but that it’s really in alignment with who you
are and what your brand is. Saying no to one thing is also saying yes to something else.

13. And lastly, in all areas of life and business, a little kindness goes a long way!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog…what valuable lessons have YOU learned in business and in life? Share with us below!
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  1. Tina Rosenlund says:

    Really good advice. I especially love setting boundaries of your work time. I love my family and want to create many happy memories of ME interacting with them not memories of me on phone all of their waking hours. 😀

  2. Tonya M. Mc Culloch says:

    I’ve been studying really interesting things most of the things that I did study about healing in on natural ability to cure people and I do believe in God and I believe that spirituality is a big part of life. It scared to find out if there is a God and there is a Holy Spirit


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