What’s In YOUR Genes?

One of the many healing parts of my SimplyHealed work is cleaning up the energetic DNA, and releasing emotions from the traumas, abuse, persecution, war, etc. that our ancestors lived through and science now proves we really do inherit. It’s powerful stuff, and clearing these emotions can make such a difference in how we feel, how we then behave, and what we can ultimately accomplish.

I’ve done this generational work for years, it’s so fascinating to learn what we have inherited and see how lives change when those limiting emotions are released.

I was recently working with a client, I’ll call her Amy (not her real name) who had struggled her whole life with not feeling good enough. No matter the situation, she always felt she was “less than” everyone else.

She explained to me how she longed to be a person who didn’t come home after every social gathering she attended and berate herself.

“Did I say the wrong thing? Was I too awkward when meeting that new person? Did they understand what I meant, or did I offend someone? Were my clothes too dressy? Too casual?”

She told me how she knew she had missed out on many opportunities for friendships, career advancement, and fun because of this. But what she really feared was how her insecurities could affect her children. This was the most painful part for her.

Amy had done some personal work on this, and as she put it was “way better than she used to be.” But there was still something holding on that she just couldn’t seem to shake!

As I worked with her in a session what came up very strongly was that this feeling of inadequacy had been carried in her family lines for many generations. On her father’s side, feeling belittled, ridiculed, even persecuted were the words and emotions that came up during that session. SimplyHealed can release those stuck emotions in a a graceful yet thorough way, so that’s just what we did for Amy.

She later reported to me that she now understands that she is truly an important person, with an important life to live, just like everyone else, and that owning her power in this way has changed how she is as a mom, wife, friend, employee. Those scared-of-not-being-good-enough voices in her head rarely show up now. It’s beautiful to see the change in her countenance, her actions, even the way she walks into a room.

If you have ancestors (that’s you), learning this information is essential! Click the link below to learn more about generational healing and how it affects your family, on my free online webinar called:

Generational Healing:
The missing link to your success and happiness

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