Helpful Holiday Affirmations

I’m sending a little love your way today with these helpful holiday affirmations.  You might connect with some of these more than others, and that’s the point of having a list of twenty to choose from.

You may want to read through this list each day, OR just pick a couple that really resonate with you and keep them in your mind throughout the coming weeks. (They seriously work, I came up with #8 a few weeks ago, and now I notice I automatically have a smile on my face whenever Christmas music is playing- which is often right now!)


our thoughts create our beliefs,

which in turn create our actions,

which over time make up our life.

Happiness starts with a thought, a statement, a declaration, an affirmation. Best blessings to you to keep your thoughts, beliefs, actions positive and fun this season!

Helpful Holiday Affirmations

1. I choose to experience December as a fun month for me

2. Holiday get-togethers are a joy because I choose to see the best in others

3. I am comfortable and gracious in social situations

4. I listen to my body and get the rest and nutrition I need

5. I make time for exercise even during this busy season

6. I give myself permission to leave out unimportant tasks, to focus on meaningful connections

7. I give myself permission to DO less and BE more mindful

8. Every time I hear Christmas music it raises my vibration and brings a smile to my face

9. I am grateful for the opportunity to give my time and service to others

10. I release my expectations of others

11. Today I notice and give thanks for all the real-life angels in my life

12. I trust my intuition to help me give the best gifts to others

13. I carry the light of the season with me everywhere I go

14. Even in long lines I choose to be peaceful

15. My mind is hopeful, my heart is joyful, my body is energized

16. I take in the sights, sounds, smells of Christmas and share the joy with others

17. This year I take time to enjoy the season: with ease and grace I slow my pace

18. I am worthy and deserving to receive unconditional love, I allow myself to feel it now

19. I have a healthy connection with the Christmas season

20. Today I practice good will toward men

Click here to download your printable version of Affirmations for the Holidays

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