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Would you like to learn more about Generational Healing
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Would you like to learn more about Generational Healing
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Hi! I’m Carolyn. I created SimplyHealed™ to guide you towards your best self with ease & grace.

The SimplyHealed Method™ provides energy healing, energy training certification, and energy healing classes.

I’ve been teaching students from all walks of life since 2006. The SimplyHealed™ Method cuts out the unnecessary steps & heads straight to the root of the issue.

It’s a unique way to move the energy without the hassle. It’s a short & sweet, get-it-done approach that you can fit into your busy life. And, best of all, it genuinely works.

It’s a road map to healing unlike any other.

Are you ready to discover what SimplyHealed™ can do for you?

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Most of us start out feeling fresh at the beginning of a new year. We get our plans, activities, intentions, and goals written down and then, unfortunately sometimes a few months into it, and as our calendars and lives fill up, those resolutions begin to lose a little steam, if not outright go by the […]

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SimplyHealed is truly the secret to changing our lives, our environments and our world!  It is an amazing compliment to any service profession.  I am so excited for what it can do for my clients!

Ronda WadaColorado

I was on your call night before last about  talent and creativity. I’m an actor by career and musician (for me!). But yesterday I met a casting director of a new CBS TV show at a meet and greet kind of thing, prepared a scene for her, and she immediately called me in to audition for a GUEST STAR role TODAY!!. Yesterday, I truly felt like I’ve stepped into myself and really found that SAFE place of BEING ME in the work. I am grateful for your help in getting there.


Thank you for today’s group session.  I feel lighter and cleaner, and can see now how far down I had let myself get before reaching out for help.  I have to remember what this feels like and maintain the higher vibration. It was a privilege to be blessed by your wonderful energy.  I am grateful that you are doing this important and valuable work.

Bonnie L.Texas

The SH course was fantastic! I can hardly wait to start using it to help others.  It’s so easy, natural, and powerful!

Loraine GomezCalifornia

SimplyHealed™ is a must to take you forward in life and help you attain your optimal self on all levels in a faster time.

Jenny HobbyAustralia
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