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Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to “know” things and are able to use this knowledge to make better decisions in their life?

Do you wish you had a way to “talk” to your body – to understand how to better support it and your life?

Have you wanted to learn about the Intuition Types but it always seems to be mystical and woowoo?

Or do you think you need to be some kind of psychic believer in order to use intuition?

Learn to understand and use your Intuitive Gifts to improve your life today!

Heather explains it perfectly:

“I never knew that everyone didn’t just “feel” when someone was sad and that was a Clair.  I never knew that when I saw a picture in my mind concerning someone or something it was a Clair.  I loved hearing about each Clair and as I have been able to hone in on different ones it’s been kind of exciting to see them open up and help me do something I love – energy work.  By naming them I was able to use each Clair as a tool, a tool that had always been there but I didn’t even know I had it.

“I love dabbling in doing woodwork.  There is a special tool that I had wanted for years because it made projects quick and easy and it was really fun to use.  I finally got it and I love it.  It makes my projects so much easier to do.

“That’s how learning about the Clairs was for me – I was able to take an awesome tool and utilize them to help me do things so much faster and easier.  They seem to come forward right when I need them.  If I didn’t know how to use the tool I got it wouldn’t do me much good. Learning about the Clairs has helped me to realize what the tools I have been given are and how to use them.”

I want to share with you what I have learned about the 6 Intuition Types
and how I use them daily to increase my ability to live my life on purpose

“Your Intuitive Gifts” online course will teach you:

  • What ARE the 6 Intuition Types and how they can give you secret clues
  • How to ‘be aware of the clair’ that works best for you
  • What are the 2 types of empaths and how to know if you are one
  • In-depth, real-life examples of how to recognize and use your personal intuitive strengths
  • Learn 6 secrets to increase and enhance your intuition
  • Stumbling blocks that an impede your connection to your intuition and how to avoid them
  • What you may be doing that is actually hindering your ability to fully connect with your intuition
  • Learn my #1 way to shield myself from low vibes and how to protect yourself from feeling too much in a public place
  • A great exercise to do every morning to empower yourself
  • A simple, yet powerful way to bring awareness to all the intuitive hits you receive
  • Practical experiences and tips from my community of Certified SimplyHealed Practitioners…You can’t find this anywhere else!
 PLUS! A bonus 60 min. group call that can get to the root of your blocks that are holding you back from really using the potential of your intuitive gifts.

“[This course] opened an awareness for me of the clairs that I didn’t have before.   Once aware they exist I then started noticing and acting on the signals I was getting, which made them much more useful.”

~ Patty

With this course you will have:

  • Instant access to well over two hours of audio instruction directly from me
  • An in-depth course including a 24 page e-book to use anytime for a reference and a continual resource.
  • Aneffective learning tool designed for varied learning styles – audio, text, visual, hands on assignments, etc.
  • Convenience! Participate when and where it is best for you.  There are no time restrictions, so you can learn at your own pace.  Now you can explore these new concepts in the privacy of your own home (or wherever you roam).

My purpose in creating this course for you is to:

  • Demystify  the meaning of Clairvoyance and help you understand that there are five other ‘Clairs’ that help you receive clues to better understand how everyone’s energy works together for the good of the whole.
  • Expand  your knowledge about how our bodies can ‘talk’ to us and how we can receive messages from the Universe to guide us towards using our gifts and talents more effectively.
  • Improve  your ability to recognize when your intuition is speaking to you.

“This was probably the most powerful module for me. I always knew I experienced the world a bit differently than most people, and being able to name it and understand it with my mind was so helpful for me to accept my gifts and be able to trust them in a new profound way. I saw myself in a new positive way. It was very healing.”

~ Erin

Yes, Carolyn! I’m ready to learn more about my intuitive gifts!

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“I wasn’t aware of what clairs were, so I was extremely excited to learn about them, and to find out that we all have the gift of clairs. So I became very aware of when clairs came to me, and which ones they were, and which ones I used the most often and easily. Then I became reflective to notice other people’s gifts as well. I started out by writing down my clair happenings, but now I just say thank you.”

~ Peggi