Kasey Gerrard

Carolyn is a Master Teacher and provides a comfortable learning environment to teach her practitioners to assists others in healing and to more easily move in positive directions. It’s as simple as that!

Kasey Gerrard
Lori Noble

Since learning and applying the SimplyHealed Method, I am a new person – calm, peaceful, gentle, more grounded. I love finding my gifts and using them.

Lori Noble

SimplyHealed will change you, your life, the way you see and take things, your family and friends. You’ll think: “It’s too good to be true”. It’s that easy and good. Love it!

Yulia Draschil

This was a professional, comprehensive course well worth the time and expense. You leave feeling well instructed and prepared to practice energy healing.

Suzanne Dixon

SimplyHealed is all-inclusive healing. This training is easy and complete with a great atmosphere for learning. Carolyn makes it fun and safe.

Denise Hansink
Diantha Barnhart

I was not looking for a course per-se, but wanting something to help develop this gift I had suppressed since I was five. I come from a family of “pathic” people. After meeting Carolyn at a demonstration class held at Pink Lady Women’s Conference, I knew her method was what I needed to develop my gift. My heart told me it was the right path in my life. I knew nothing of energy modalities and the thought of exploring all of them frightened me.

The SH Method has been such a blessing, an awakening to a new me and new aware life for me. Since receiving the gift of the SH Method I have learned of other modalities. Those other modalities are confusing and lengthy. The SH Method is simple, clean and thorough. It has been the best investment for me.

Diantha Barnhart




Go!  SimplyHealed™ will give you tools that will bless you FOREVER!

Kathleen Arnold

SimplyHealed™ is so much faster than other ways! I connected and was excited to meet other like-minded people with my values.

Tammy Olsen

SimplyHealed™ is better, faster, and totally inclusive! No emotional drama. SimplyHealed™ is quick, full of light, always exactly what is needed.

Susan Christiansen

Take this class! If you are interested at all in feeling peace and joy, being free of feeling physical pain, and feeling fulfilled in your life, SimplyHealed™ is the easiest, fastest, best modality. You’ll be so grateful you attended the class!

Nathalie Bowman

It will be the best 4 days you’ve ever spent that will give you the greatest results ever!
Carolyn is so gracious in teaching and sharing her gifts and talents with others, so that we all may be blessed!

Dina Fitzpatrick

This course is absolutely worth your time and energy – it is life changing! Do it, do it, no excuses just commit and enjoy the gift you give yourself and others!

Stacie Wright

Of all the modalities out there take this one, it will bless your life and the millions* of others your work will benefit. (*millions, meaning generationally)

Marcelle Stegelmeier

SimplyHealed™ offers the purest most comfortable, down to earth approach to energy healing that I’ve ever seen. It’s powerful!

Leslie Householder

This is a powerful opportunity to reset your life’s course and support those you love.

Debbie Brown

SimplyHealed blows all the others away!! Don’t let the money intimidate you. It’s worth its weigh in GOLD!

Michelle Knight

SimplyHealed is one of the best investments you can make! It will bless your life and the lives of countless others.

Becky Wade

SimplyHealed is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. It will change your life profoundly. You will awaken those gifts inside of you to help people in your life.

Karen Layton