“Are you ready to learn more about Generational Healing
and how it can help you today?”

Carolyn Cooper is the founder of The SimplyHealed Method®, a unique energy healing system that simultaneously balances the mental, physical, and emotional levels for lasting effects. She can quickly locate flaws in the generational energy and repair wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations.

This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns, transforms behavior and shifts subconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results, typically after only one session. For the past 10 years, Carolyn has been training emerging healers across the US and in Australia. She believes we all have the ability to learn to heal ourselves and others and has de-mystified the process.

In this training you will learn…

  • What type of issues get passed down through the family tree
  • What science is now proving about our DNA
  • How you can know if an emotional block is yours or your ancestor’s