Simplicity is key

You will hear that phrase often in the world of SimplyHealed™.

Everyone’s energy untangles differently, but SimplyHealed™ meets you where you are & gives you the healing that you need right now.

It has been said that it will change your life, your family & more for the better. Members of the SimplyHealed™ family  know because we use it everyday for ourselves, our families, our businesses & our clients.

Many of us have experienced lots of different energy healing styles over the years, but they all felt heavy & cumbersome. Sure, they worked… but it took so much effort to get the results.

There is an easier way!

Healing should be simple & accessible to everyone who needs it.

Because Carolyn believed this she was inspired to create the SimplyHealed™ Method & has now been teaching it for over 10 years. It cuts out the unnecessary steps & heads straight to the spirit.

It’s a unique way to move the energy without the hassle. It’s a short & sweet, get-it-done approach that you can fit into your busy life. And, best of all, it genuinely works.

It’s a roadmap to healing unlike any other.

Are you ready for a simple, practical approach to healing & growth?

SimplyHealed™ training can teach you how to identify, then quickly & painlessly clear blocks that have been keeping you from your highest good. It gives you a blueprint for getting unstuck & moving towards your best self. You can also achieve this for your family, your clients & your business with grace & ease.

SimplyHealed™ represents everything that is safe & normal about energy healing. It’s as effective for the everyday person as it is for the multi-million dollar business mogul.

It’s a simple, no-nonsense healing training to help you step into your best life & reach your full potential.

We hope you’ll join us… because it’s your time & you’re ready for the next step.

Are you ready to discover where SimplyHealed™ can take you?

  • Energy Healing Jumpstart®

    It’s called the Jumpstart Course but, make no mistake, it’s not trivial. This 6-module course is packed with information the will give you a strong foundation in Energy Healing. This online course is also the pre-requisite for the live, in-person training courses: (2-day) SimplyHealed for YOU™ and (4-day) SimplyHealed Training and Certification Track™.

  • SimplyHealed for YOU™

    You’ve done the Energy Healing Jumpstart Course and you’re ready to take your education further so you can help yourself and your family! (Those who have taken the Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simple online course will be waived from taking the Jumpstart course.)

  • 4-day SimplyHealed™ Training & Certification Track

    You’ve done the pre-requisite online course and possibly even the SimplyHealed for YOU™ training and now you know you can help others just like you. And get paid to do it!

    Or you just want to jump right into the SimplyHealed Training and Certification course. Come on it!

    Course includes:

    • 4-day live training with plenty of hands-on practice
    • 6-month mentoring program
    • Includes online courses:
      • Energy Healing Jumpstart online course
      • SimplyHealed Online Business course
      • Bonus mini-courses to release self-worth & money blocks
    • 6-months free SimplyHealed Practitioner Community
    • 3 personalized one-on-one phone sessions
  • SimplyHealed™ Practitioner Refresher Course

    Designed to help those who have taken the Intensive course previously to “freshen up” on their skills, learn new ways to implement the method or as part of the re-certification process.

And it doesn’t stop there…

The SimplyHealed™ family continues to support you in your growth and continued success.

  • Practitioner Support Team
  • Practitioner Monthly Calls
  • Quarterly Calls with Experts in many areas of life and business
  • Online Practitioner Community
  • Business Course
  • Refresher Training