SimplyHealed Mini-courses

It’s like Group Phone Sessions on steroids!

Sometimes you just need a little more umph. I get it!

That’s why I am offering three of my most popular mini-courses designed with you in mind!

All three courses contain a thorough SimplyHealed™ energy session on each topic in order to:

  • release false beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • anchor in new, positive affirmations and
  • re-balance your energy so you feel light, happy and confident!

Old habits and thought patterns can be hard to break, but with help, you too can begin to break free.

Each course includes activities to deepen your understanding, exercises to help you discover and release negative emotions, and “homework” to implement what you are learning.

And the best part! All of the mini-courses are available on-line so you can go at the pace that you need – fast or slow. You also have access to it forever so if you find yourself slipping and needing a shoulder to steady yourself ̶ join right back in.

All the emotions you feel about money either attract it to you or repel it away from you.

Would you like to start a fresh, new relationship with money? Through energy healing you really can release those negative emotions about money

whether they are currently going on in your life, or if you are still carrying negative energy from past money mistakes (lessons!)

During the clearing sessions and worksheets in this course we will find and dissipate blocks around being open to receiving financial success, past issues with money, subconscious beliefs that repel money from us and ancestral issues in our cell-memories about being worthy and deserving to have financial success.

The modules are:

  • Money Magnet – What are you attracting?
  • Release the Threads
  • Giving & Receiving – The Keys

Plus! A full Money Energy Clearing Session audio replay!

Get instant lifetime access!

Only $97

I was on the Finances call today. Thank you for finding the hidden gems of positive energy that I needed. My husband has been working for someone else the last few months and has just made the break to go back out on his own. You addressed so many issues that have come up for him. Your ability to focus and find the exact right points of light is amazing. Thank you so much!!

Wendy M, Hawaii

How do you really feel about yourself? Are you content, happy, self-confident? As an Energy Intuitive for nearly two decades and working with literally

thousands of people, Carolyn has come to know that the #1 common denominator of almost all issues is the fear of not being worthy or deserving.

This course clears the issues that hold you back from being all you can be. It really IS safe to be your authentic self and to let your light shine! It’s time to release those old patterns (many of them subconscious) and get on with your life! If you’d like to boost your confidence, overcome fears, free yourself from self-sabotage, and let go of that negative self-talk, sign up for this one!

The modules are:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • Gratitude Grounds You

Plus! A full Self Worth Energy Clearing Session audio replay!

Get instant lifetime access!

Only $97

It was awesome to be on your Self Worth group call last night. It brought back so much knowledge.  Early this morning, I talked to a friend and she said, “Wow, your energy this morning is incredible,” because she could hear it over the phone.  I’m so glad to be me again!

Linda A., Washington

Your unique creative style is your birthright; it is a gift. Connect with it and you will find that there truly is room in this world for what you have to offer!

This course will help you get clarity on where your talents lie, get your heart and head in alignment and

clear doubts that are blocking you from moving forward. You have talents and you are creative, but sometimes that space between having great ideas & talents and manifesting them in a way that creates value for yourself and others can seem like a huge gap. Join Carolyn in this fun course where we will help close that gap!

The modules are:

  • Creative Juices!
  • Encouraging Your Creativity
  • Creative Thinking

Plus! A full Creativity Energy Clearing Session audio replay!

Get instant lifetime access!

Only $97

I was on your call night before last about  talent and creativity. I’m an actor by career and musician (for me!). But yesterday I met a casting director of a new CBS TV show at a meet and greet kind of thing, prepared a scene for her, and she immediately called me in to audition for a GUEST STAR role TODAY!!. Yesterday, I truly felt like I’ve stepped into myself and really found that SAFE place of BEING ME in the work. I am grateful for your help in getting there.


Are you ready to finally get to the root of what may be holding you back from having a positive life with yourself, your talents & creativity and your money? Then get started TODAY…

Leslie Householder

“Carolyn provides the simplest, cleanest and quickest method for positive change that I’ve ever seen. My whole family has benefited from her inspired work.”

Leslie HouseholderAward-winning author of The Jackrabbit Factor & Portal to Genius
Jhonny K

“I had worked with other energy healing practitioners with little result. After one session with Carolyn I noticed my life changing for the better within 2 weeks. Within 3 months I saw how that one session helped my life go on to a higher path and level than it would have before I met her, Carolyn’s work is truly a Godsend. I use her method every time I write or perform music with amazing results!”

Jhonny KNashville recording artist & success coach
Jenny Hobby

“The SimplyHelaed™ method taught by Carolyn Cooper takes energy to a whole new level. “It is like healing on STEROIDS!” The outcomes and releases are astounding.”

Jenny HobbyBusiness owner - Sydney, Australia