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NOVEMBER: Forgiveness

In my many years of being an Energy Intuitive and working on literally thousands of people, the one action that I’ve found that helps people heal more fully than any other is that of FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness releases us from the past. It is the answer to almost everything. When we are stuck and do not flow freely with life in the present moment, it usually means we are holding on to a past memory and there is some forgiving that needs to be done.

We all have important missions to fulfill in the here and now. Forgiveness is letting go of the negative emotions that keep our energy and our thoughts tethered to the past, and keep us from progressing forward.

  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • 12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET

To determine time in your area go to:

SimplyHealed™ Group Sessions tap into the collective energy of a group of participants and pinpoints any blocks or kinks that need to be released – whether it’s one person or the whole group. The synergy of the crowd works in a positive way, and knowing you are not alone in your struggles brings hope.

telkSince a Group Session is over the phone you will have the security of knowing that if you have something to bring up, it’s safe to say it, no one knows who you are. There is also an effect called “Borrowed Benefits” – if someone in the group is clearing something that is similar to your situation, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue so it can also clear whatever that issue is for you.

These sessions will be recorded, and a 48-replay link sent out to those who are registered. Please make sure when you register, that you will be able to either participate on that day, or listen to the 48-hour replay within that time period. YES, listening to the replay is just as powerful as being on the live call!

After you register for the SimplyHealed™ Group Session…

You will receive an email with instructions for going to the event page where you can post a message BRIEFLY explaining your main intention for the session. For example, if the topic is family relationships you could let Carolyn know “I would like to feel more respected by my family,” “I would love to feel heard by my mother,” or “I would love to let go of my anger at my father.” That way she can make sure to clear the energy on your specific problem.

You will receive a reminder email the day of the Group Session with call-in details. We recommend you check in about 5 minutes early so that you are settled and ready for the call. At the time of the call, Carolyn will check in to make sure everyone is energetically clear and ready to begin. She will then follow where the energy wants to go. Just like personal sessions, you never know where it will lead, but the wisdom of the energy always knows what is highest priority for the individual or the group. Most of the time the phone lines will be muted, and since there is a specific TOPIC for each call, Carolyn can ‘feel’ where to go with it. At the close of the session she will do another scan of everyone to make sure the group cleared whatever was ready to be released at that time.

Limited Time 48-hour Replays of our most recent calls


We all have access to intuition.

However, I find many of my clients have trouble trusting what comes to them.

Our ego seems to get in the way and tries to logically explain-away the spiritual impressions that come to us.

Have YOU ever been in a situation like that?  Most of us have.  That’s why this phone session is one of my most popular topics!

  • Only $35 for 1 hour group session!
  • 48-hour replay available!


How is your relationship with your business or job?
Are you frustrated with it? Do you feel stuck? Or feel like you’re spinning your wheels?
Do you feel like your efforts aren’t being rewarded in the way that you want them to be?
How is your relationship with those you work with?
Do you struggle with balancing your time between work, family and personal interests?

Don’t miss this next Group Phone Session! This is an important topic so it’s going to be exciting to see how we can open up the energy for positive changes in our business and professional lives!


As you may or may not know, I have five children of my own, so I’ve had some experience *wink* with bumps and bruises, coughs and colds, but the one thing I’m so grateful for is the SimplyHealed method for when it came to the relationship part of raising children.

Children today seem to be under so much stress and burden but when they won’t open up to you, it makes it even worse. That’s why I have chosen this topic.

With summer just around the corner where kids will be out of school and home for a large part of the day, this will be a great time to finally reconnect with them and help them to decompress from the strains and emotions that have accumulated this last year. PLUS! The call is the day after Mother’s Day, so that can be an easy reminder about the call.

On this call we will cover:

  • Tension between yourself and your child
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Conflict with spouse about parenting styles
  • Concerns about being a good parent
  • Connecting to the joy of parenting
  • Ancestral patterns in the energetic DNA
  • And any other requests you email me about!

By shifting your energy, you are sending a new and better signal, and your child will subconsciously notice and respond. They will ‘feel’ your unconditional love and that is powerful!

Energy work can shift emotions in such a quick, non-invasive way! I’ve seen miracles happen just by simply getting to, and clearing the root of the issue through the energy.

I’ve had the privilege of helping many families and would love to be able to help you too!

  • Only $35 for 1 hour group session!
  • 48-hour replay available!


Do you ever have trouble concentrating, learning new things, or remembering things?

Do you sometimes feel like your mind is on overload and cannot properly process information?

Would you like to be able to integrate the things you read and learn more fully into your life?

Did you know that energy healing can help with that brain fog?

Many things can affect our brain’s ability to work optimally.  Eating the right foods and getting enough sleep are important, and SimplyHealed can help by releasing stress, trauma, and negative emotions that contribute to a lack of clarity. Perhaps you carry false beliefs about your ability to learn quickly, or the energy of an embarrassing childhood experience that left you with the misperception that you weren’t smart enough. Maybe you have a belief system that says, “Well, at a certain age we just don’t easily remember things anymore”.

Whatever is hindering you in this area, I invite you to join me for this Group Energy Healing Call where we will clean up that cluttered energy and the overwhelm that is blocking you from being your best self!

  • Only $35 for 1 hour group session!
  • 48-hour replay available!

My life has changed! What others say about SimplyHealed™ Group Sessions

Just wanted to say thank you SOOO much for last week’s weight loss session. It was my first group session and I really enjoyed it! I’d like to share that the results are AMAZING!!! I had decided not to weigh myself so I could focus more on what was more important, dealing with the emotions and self-sabotage, instead of being consumed with my weight loss progress. Well, the day after the session I was already making much wiser and healthier eating decisions, and a week later this is still the case. It is totally effortless and I don’t even have to think about it, it’s a natural choice that I make at every meal. Isn’t that wonderful?!!! There is no more emotional eating, no more binging, and my sweets cravings are totally gone. I’m back on track again and I feel GREAT!!! I was a chocoholic and dessert addict (had to have something sweet daily), and I find I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to take even a little bite. My husband is SO impressed he said he’d like to take a session like that too!

H. E.Canada

I was on your call night before last about talent and creativity. I’m an actor by career and musician (for me!). But yesterday I met a casting director of a new CBS TV show at a meet and greet kind of thing, prepared a scene for her, and she immediately called me in to audition for a GUEST STAR role TODAY!!. Yesterday, I truly felt like I’ve stepped into myself and really found that SAFE place of BEING ME in the work. I am grateful for your help in getting there.


It was awesome to be on your Self Worth group call last night. It brought back so much knowledge.  Early this morning, I talked to a friend and she said, “Wow, your energy this morning is incredible,” because she could hear it over the phone.  I’m so glad to be me again!

Linda A.Washington

I was on the Finances call today. Thank you for finding the hidden gems of positive energy that I needed.  My husband has been working for someone else the last few months and has just made the break to go back out on his own. You addressed so many issues that have come up for him. Your ability to focus and find the exact right points of light is amazing. Thank you so much!!

Wendy M.Hawaii

Thank you for today’s group session.  I feel lighter and cleaner, and can see now how far down I had let myself get before reaching out for help.  I have to remember what this feels like and maintain the higher vibration. It was a privilege to be blessed by your wonderful energy.  I am grateful that you are doing this important and valuable work.

Bonnie L.Texas