Ebook – Recognize, Release, Reweave.

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Learning to Muscle Test DVD.

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Energy Healing Jumpstart online course.

Are you ready for a simple, practical approach to healing & growth?

Here‘s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • Learn what energy healing is…and what it isn’t and why so many people are turning to energy healing for help in recent years
  • Discover the latest science that proves the effectiveness of energy healing
  • A simple checklist of things you can do to raise your vibration so you can bring you intentions in even faster
  • Discover a little-known method for asking your body questions and receiving answers you can trust
  • Ask your body what part needs attention, how you resonate with a specific supplement… or anything else!
  • 6 different ways people can receive intuitive information and how you can trust the messages YOU receive
  • 3 mindset mistakes that block your intuition
  • Find out how unresolved negative emotions can lead to dis-ease in the body and how to keep your body aligned with the “blueprint for perfect health” that is encoded into every cell
  • 3 ways to quickly “reset” your energy systems anytime you need to increase focus and boost your energy
  • And so much more!

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CD Finding Your Authentic Self,
The Art of Letting Your Light Shine.

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SimplyHealed™ Affirmation Cards
Positive affirmation cards with unique, personalized artwork. Includes 52 cards with clear storage case.

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Simply Healed JournalBeautiful SimplyHealed™ Leatherbound Journals
7×7 soft leather cover, 100 pages.
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Serene Tones CD

CD Serene Tones by Gary Freeman
The music on this CD is designed to resonate with each of the Chakras to bring them into rhythmic harmony.
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Tai Chi Flow for Everybody DVD

Tai Chi Flow for Everybody DVD.

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Tai Chi Flow for Kids DVD

Tai Chi Flow for Kids DVD.

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