October 16 – 19, 2017
Zion National Park, Utah

The name “Zion” means a place of peace and refuge, that’s what this retreat is all about.

Finding peace,
             finding refuge,
                         finding yourself…

I’d love you to come and experience:

Short hikes in the canyon because the fresh canyon air will
Clear Your Mind
Morning Tai Chi because this meditation in motion will
Calm Your Body
Personal SimplyHealed session because it allows you to
Claim Your Spirit

And there will also be plenty of:

Space for contemplation and journaling
         because it’s vital to connect with your goals and intentions
Exploring the 5 Elements 
      because identifying your element-type acknowledges your strengths
Free time for relaxation
        because in silence, you can hear your soul’s guidance.
Activities and experiences to expand your perception
        because creativity brings new insights
Meeting and creating with other awesome women
         because I believe in FUN and I know you do too!