Rediscover the healing power inside you

You’ve taken the SimplyHealed™ Intensive Course. Maybe recently, maybe a few years ago.

Either way, you feel drawn to being surrounded by the SimplyHealed™ community again & delving back into the simple, practical healing methods we teach.

No doubt you miss the connection that comes from being surrounded by people who “get” energy healing (because not everyone in your life does). It’s so refreshing to be cheered on by like minded people who are walking the same path.

SimplyHealed™ is such a supportive & understanding place and we’d love to have you join us again for this live training.

Besides, sometimes you just need to hear things explained again, in a different way or at a different time in your life, for them to fully sink in.

That’s what the SimplyHealed™ Refresher course does for you

The Refresher course is about gleaning deeper insights into what you’re already doing + what you’ve already learned on your SimplyHealed™ journey.

It gives you a deeper understanding of the work you’re already doing, so that you can be a much more effective healer/practitioner. It reinforces what you’ve already learned & shines a new light on it, so that you can have new observations & ‘aha’s…
I’ve been teaching these Simply Healed Refresher classes for ten years with over 1500 students coming through the course.
People have flown in from 8 different countries to attend the class.
They’re drawn to it because it’s equal parts friendship & renewed learning. It’s a very special group because we’ve all completed the Simply Healed Intensive Training & committed to using the SimplyHealed™ Method for our highest good.

What do you get?

  • Two days with your SimplyHealed™ supporters + teachers at a beautiful location in either St George, Utah or Sydney, Australia.
  • A new perspective on everything you learned in the Simply™Healed Intensive Training, but delivered in a 2 day dynamic master class environment.
  • Insights through stories and experiences of fellow-practitioners in attendance.
  • Clarity around your gifts and how to further expand them.
  • Confidence that you are doing great with the work, and a vision for how to continue thriving with it.

This course is only held a few times per year. Make sure you get your spot as soon as you feel called because they fill up quick.

Upcoming SimplyHealed™ Refresher Trainings

Taught by Founder, Carolyn Cooper

  • January 24, 2018 (Welcome Dinner – evening only)
  • January 25-26, 2018 (Class – 9am-5pm)
  • Ramada Inn
  • St. George, UT


If I’ve recently attended the SH training can I still attend, even if I don’t need to re-certify yet?

Of course! Everyone who has ever been through the 4-day Intensive Course is invited & welcomed. And your certification will not be due again until 2 years from the date you complete this Refresher Course.

When will the next Refresher course dates be released?

Refresher courses are only held a few times a year. Please sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of the upcoming events that are happening throughout the year.