Are you ready for a simple, practical approach to healing & growth?

Let’s face it – most energy healing advice is baffling & excessively woo-woo. It’s so hard to see how you can actually take what you learn & apply it to your real life in a practical way.

But this is different.

You’re about to uncover the precise strategies & tools you can use to begin changing your life for the better…

…even if you’re just getting started with energy healing.
…even if you’re hesitant or unsure.
…even if you’ve got no idea how this works or where to start, or
…even if you’ve got years of experience in other energy healing methods that just don’t fit quite right for you.

This course gives you the foundation to really appreciate what energy healing is all about.

You can trust Energy Healing Jumpstart®

Over the past 5 years, thousands of students have taken this course from all across the world. They’ve used it to gain a clear understanding and solid foundation of energy work, and how to access their own intuitive gifts. Most go on to do one of our SimplyHealed™ Training Courses too. That’s how well it works.

It’s called the Jumpstart Course but, make no mistake, it’s not trivial.

You’ll get audios in easy-to-listen-to bite-size chunks, worksheets, self-assessments and more, to help you take what you learn & put it to work in your life. No mysticism. No woo-woo.

It’s spread out over 5 self-paced modules, so you have the flexibility to fit it around your busy family & work. Do it over a few weeks or a few months – it’s up to you.

“I just had to thank you from my heart for this online course. I am so grateful that after 46 years, I finally found me and what I am here to do! I am so looking forward to being one of your students at the next live 4-day SimplyHealed™ training.”

From California

Here‘s a taste of what you’ll learn:

ehb-online-smModule 1:

  • Learn what energy healing is…and what it isn’t
  • Why so many people are turning to energy healing for help in recent years
  • Discover the latest science that proves the effectiveness of energy healing

Module 2:

  • Discover why your life is the way it is right now so you can quickly transform whatever you don’t like
  • A simple checklist of things you can do to raise your vibration so you can bring you intentions in even faster
  • Learn my easy method to stop negative emotions from derailing your manifestation plans

Module 3:

  • Discover ways of asking your body questions and receiving answers you can trust
  • Ask your body what part needs attention, how you resonate with a specific supplement… or anything else!
  • Learn how to use this technique to help other people receive answers from their body too

Module 4:

  • Find out how unresolved negative emotions can lead to dis-ease in the body
  • How to keep your body aligned with the “blueprint for perfect health” that is encoded into every cell
  • Just as our bodies carry our ancestors’ physical DNA, we also carry their emotional DNA
  • Learn the probable emotional causes of common ailments

Module 5:

  • My 3 favorite ways to quickly “reset” your energy systems anytime you need to increase focus and boost your energy
  • How to shield yourself from the negative vibes of society
  • A great way to calm your body and clear your mind for a good night’s sleep

And we’ll cover so much more!

The bottom line is this:

When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.

And it doesn’t have to be hard. This course will help you eliminate uncertainty and show you exactly how to accomplish clean & simple healing. (That’s why we’re called SimplyHealed™, after all.)

This course is designed to empower you with simple tools to raise your vibration and change your perspective to attract more of what you want in your life.

I’m also including this special bonus to accelerate your success with Energy Healing Jumpstart!

Healthy Bodies Recorded Group Session

($35 Value)

Healthy BodyAre you aware that the body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs?

Our body is always talking to us; we just need to take the time to listen. Every cell within our body responds to every thought we think and every word we speak.

On this recorded group session we released old, negative thoughts that have been playing for way too long! And we “plugged in” new, positive affirmations that support good health, resulting in more EASE (as opposed to DIS-EASE) in your body.

Believe it or not, the recorded call is just as powerful as the live version because energy is independent of time and space!

“I want to thank you again for the group session on Healthy Bodies.  It was amazing to feel the energy of the group.  I felt so good after the session and had the best night’s sleep that I can ever remember for years!  I have had so much energy since then and have been able to do big things that I had put off before from lack of energy and gumption.  My back had really been hurting and it feels better now too.”

From Colorado

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It wasn’t until about a year ago that I learned that I was an empath.  Someone asked if I’d always known that I was an empath.  I didn’t even know what that was!  I just thought there was something wrong with me!  I have been struggling to understand exactly what it means to be an empath . . . I did decide it really was a gift from God but felt like it was out of balance in my life.  The exercises that Carolyn taught [in the Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simply online course] have already helped me to be shielded better.  I loved what she taught in my last lesson about the emotional and physical empaths.  That describes my life! Carolyn, thank you so much for helping me to understand some of my gifts better.  I really am ok just the way God made me!!”

Tara Little Bear
Marnie Pehrson

“Carolyn Cooper and the SimplyHealed™ Method have helped my once struggling teens step into amazing lives and given me the courage to acknowledge and express my feelings. So impressed by the results, I enrolled in the Energy Healing Basics course which gave me not only a solid foundation in the principles of energy healing, but also made me realize I have the intuitive ability to learn this myself.”

Marnie PehrsonAuthor, Speaker & Publicist
Leslie Householder

“Carolyn provides the simplest, cleanest and quickest method for positive change that I’ve ever seen. My whole family has benefited from her inspired work.”

Leslie HouseholderAward-winning author of The Jackrabbit Factor & Portal to Genius
Jhonny K

“I had worked with other energy healing practitioners with little result. After one session with Carolyn I noticed my life changing for the better within 2 weeks. Within 3 months I saw how that one session helped my life go on to a higher path and level than it would have before I met her, Carolyn’s work is truly a Godsend. I use her method every time I write or perform music with amazing results!”

Jhonny KNashville recording artist & success coach
Jenny Hobby

“The SimplyHelaed™ method taught by Carolyn Cooper takes energy to a whole new level. “It is like healing on STEROIDS!” The outcomes and releases are astounding.”

Jenny HobbyBusiness owner - Sydney, Australia