Introducing the all new SimplyHealed Mentoring Track for Practitioners

For several years now I have been wanting to add a mentoring and coaching aspect to SimplyHealed. I am so excited to finally have this piece in place! My desire is to help you, the SimplyHealed Practitioner, not only become awesome at doing the work but to also feel supported in your own growth as you reach out into the world and help those you love (and will get to love).  From business tools and support to learning ways to better improve how you can help your clients, this 90-day program is designed to give you the guidance you have been asking for.

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll celebrate after completing the SimplyHealed Certification Track…

  • You have an expanded capacity to hold more JOY
  • You are more connected to yourself, your family and your life
  • You trust both your intuition and your ability to muscle test accurately
  • You have confidence in your ability to speak the language of energy
  • You are living your dream of serving others
  • You’re clear about the ideal clients you’re meant to serve and how to help them
  • You are aligned with making great money doing spiritual work that you love
  • You know exactly how to describe the value of what you do so people get it
  • You are connected to a community of like minded people as a resource for professional and emotional support

You have a passion to serve others and make a positive difference in the world.

I know there’s a lot, so take my virtual hand as I walk you through how the SimplyHealed Certification Track™ works:

Online Business Course for Energy Healers

The 4 business secrets that you need to know – tips & tricks from my own experiences growing a thriving healing practice.

This online Business course is specifically designed for you to help you move confidently into the world of being a practitioner. You will be given access to this class a few days following the LIVE course. You will learn:

  • How to use your own story to draw clients to you – clients that know that you “get” them and understand what they’re going through. You will automatically draw these people to you – they will seek you out because you can naturally relate to them.
  • Uncover the root motivator for your business to make sure everything about your business is aligned with your core values.
  • Using your own joys & experiences to define your niche & put yourself in the position to claim your ideal client.
  • How to prepare a concise, confident response to the question, “What is it that you do?”
  • Systems & organizational tools you need to run a business.
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T goals that become a powerful, magnetic force pulling you and the required resources towards it.
  • How to set your price & believe in it, so that clients can see the value in the SimplyHealed™ Method.
  • Where to focus your time, money, resources, effort to receive the most benefit.
  • Develop your essential marketing toolkit.
  • How to use social media to build a personal connection with your potential clients.
  • The secrets of an appealing website that will build your credibility as a business.
  • Learn simple tools to provide boundaries between you and your clients to define the relationship & avoid issues.
  • Creating a safe space for in-home or in-office visits that will make your clients feel comfortable & create a professional atmosphere that builds confidence & respect in your skills.
  • Important paperwork that you need to have in order to make sure your sessions run smoothly & professionally.
  • Everything you need to know about becoming a certified practitioner.
  • You’ll also get over 2 hours of bonus audio & expert interviews.

90 days of Personalized Group Mentoring

The 90-day group mentoring will provide you with encouragement and accountability (and a little TLC) as you are working towards Certification. Each month you will learn ways to enhance your knowledge and skills in the art of SimplyHealed by learning how to help clients who struggle with:

  • Relationships: romantic & family
  • Marriage/Parenting
  • Business/Career
  • Money Problems
  • Weight Loss/Body Image
  • Inferiority/Self Worth Issues
  • Childhood Issues
  • Fear/Grief/Anger/Heartache/etc

A Private Customized Phone Session with Carolyn

A full 50-minute “customized” phone session with Carolyn during your 90-day program to get your mindset where it really needs to be for your successful healing practice. This personal session can be used for anything going on in your life that you’d like help with. Client’s over the years have remarked that one session with Carolyn will change your life in amazing ways!

You also get these valuable support BONUSES when you enroll now:

Bonus #2

Your Energetic Relationship with MONEY

Online Mini-Course

All the emotions you feel about money either attract it to you or repel it away from you. Would you like to start a fresh, new relationship with money?

The modules are:

  • Money Magnet – What are you attracting?
  • Release the Threads
  • Giving & Receiving – The Keys

Plus! A full Money Energy Clearing Session audio replay!

You will receive instant LIFETIME access to online mini course
Your energetic relationship with MONEY ($97 value)

Bonus #3

Self Worth – Empowered YOU

Online Mini-Course

How do you really feel about yourself? Are you content, happy, self-confident? As an Energy Intuitive for nearly two decades and working with literally thousands of people, I have come to know that the #1 common denominator of almost all issues is the fear of not being worthy or deserving.

The modules are:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • Gratitude Grounds You

Plus! A full Self Worth Energy Clearing Session audio replay!

You will receive instant LIFETIME access to online mini course
Self Worth – Empowered YOU ($97 value)

“Yes! I’m ready to build a business that elevates the lives of others through Energy Healing Work!”

I know I will receive:

red check mark

Participation in the SimplyHealed Certification Track™ ($2,897 value) which includes:

  • Online Business Course ($497 value)
  • —90-days of personalized group mentoring with Carolyn ($2,000 value)
  • —A full 50-minute private phone session with Carolyn ($400 value)

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BONUS #2: Lifetime access to Your Energetic Relationship with MONEY™ online mini-course ($97 value)

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BONUS #3: Lifetime access to Self Worth – Empowered YOU™ online mini-course ($97 value)

Total Value = $3,091

Your Investment = $2,000

($1,500 if you have already taken the Business Course)

Full Certification Track

(includes Business Course)


Certification Track

Mentoring & Coaching Only


My warmest wishes for your success,


Carolyn Cooper
Founder – The SimplyHealed™ Method