SimplyHealed™ can change your life
The SimplyHealed™ Method blends art & science to create an effortless approach to healing that clears negative emotions on all levels. It’s a simple, graceful method of energy healing that really works. Look for the Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioner badge and know that you are getting the best.

Our Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioners will give you a safe & supportive place to experience how easily you can clear negative emotions on all levels, whether you have a specific issue you want to be free from or you just feel out of balance.

When people come back to us after a SimplyHealed™ session, they look different. You can see the healing that has occurred – it’s reflected in their physical appearance & their outlook on life. You’ll look healthier, brighter, younger, happier, empowered and at peace. It will be visible.

Find your SimplyHealed™ Practitioner and get started on the rest of your life today!

For a list of all practitioners, please click here.

The Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioners listed here have completed the course work, and the additional requirements necessary to be listed here on The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® website directory. They are available for Private Sessions. If you are interested in booking a session with any of them, please contact them directly. Trust your own intuition to choose whom you resonate most with*.

NOTE: Most SimplyHealed™ sessions are via telephone or skype, so it makes no difference how geographically far away from you they are.

*Carolyn Cooper/SimplyHealed™ does not assume responsibility for the individuals listed. Contact with those listed is the sole responsibility of the client and at the client’s discretion.