Join us for a business training unlike any other

Once you’ve taken the SimplyHealed™ Training Course, picture taking it further & making SimplyHealed™ your livelihood…

Picture yourself with a healthy business & a growing schedule of clients. You’re attracting clients that are drawn to you & your own healing journey. They know that you understand what they’re going through.

You feel aligned with & confident about your pricing. It reflects the value your healing sessions bring your clients.

You have a website that reflects who you are & your passions. Your genuine nature radiates through your website.

You’ve got all the tools you need to present yourself & your business with confidence, so that your clients (and potential clients) respect what you have to offer.

Your business is growing sustainably… and it’s in total alignment with your highest self.

This course is designed to help you make that a reality.

How is this business course different?

This is business & SimplyHealed™ combined for your highest good.

Unlike other business courses, this one provides SimplyHealed™ clearing sessions within the modules to clean out those pesky negative, and often fearful, thoughts that crop up when we are expanding our learning, growth, opportunities, and bank account.

We’ll set up the energetic scaffolding to support your business growth in an energetically sustainable way. You’ll be building the business, but also spiritually aligning with your business too.

We knew there was a pressing need after many years of answering LOTS of questions about how to get started in a SimplyHealed™ practice from students who had attended our courses. You wanted someone who had built a very successful healing practice to take you by the hand & teach you the nuts & bolts of how to get started.

That is exactly what you’ll get from the SimplyHealed™ Business Course – tips & tricks from my own experiences growing a thriving healing practice.

So… how do you do it?

The 4 business secrets that you need to know

Business Secret 1: Discovering Why & Who

How to use your own story to draw clients to you – clients that know that you “get” them and understand what they’re going through. You will automatically draw these people to you – they will seek you out because you can naturally relate to them.

Uncover the root motivator for your business to make sure everything about your business is aligned with your core values.

Using your own joys & experiences to define your niche & put yourself in the position to claim your ideal client.

How to prepare a concise, confident response to the question, “What is it that you do?”

Business Secret 2: Putting Out Your Shingle

We’ll take some quiet, meditative time to visualize, close your eyes, & picture what you want to accomplish “some day” in your business. Where do you want to go with your business? What does that look like? What does that feel like?

The nitty gritty systems & organizational tools you need to run a business, like your business structure, tax liabilities, accounting, bookkeeping, and banking.

You’ll also be supported with loads of affirmations to clear your resistance to these left-brain activities.

Setting S.M.A.R.T goals that become a powerful, magnetic force pulling you and the required resources towards it.

How to set your price & believe in it, so that clients can see the value in the SimplyHealed™ Method.

Plus, even more powerful affirmations to help you feel confident about what you’re charging.

Business Secret 3: Marketing Your Business

Where you should focus your time, money, resources, effort to receive the most benefit.

Understanding and applying the 80/20 Rule to get results for your business.

Your essential marketing toolkit – what you actually need to spread the word about your new business – to help you get new clients and keep the clients you already have.

Using social media to build a personal connection with your potential clients without over-exposing your personal life. This works so well that my followers often come up & give me a big hug when they meet me in person for the first time.

The secrets of an appealing website that will build your credibility as a business. (You’ll also get a special offer just for you when you’re getting started with your web presence.)

Business Secret 4: The Professional Session

Using simple tools to provide boundaries between you and your clients help to define the relationship & avoid issues.

Creating a safe space for in-home or in-office visits that will make your clients feel comfortable & create a professional atmosphere that builds confidence & respect in your skills.

Smart practices that will keep you feeling safe & secure when you’re inviting strangers into your home.

Important paperwork that you need to have in order to make sure your sessions run smoothly & professionally.

Everything you need to know about becoming a certified practitioner, if you feel called to certify.

Bonus Resources

You’ll also get over 2 hours of bonus audio & expert interviews. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get…

  • An interview with Jonathan Bender about presence & being comfortable with your authenticity.
  • An interview with Tania Finn of about how to make your website the best it can be. Tania decodes all the technical terms for us, so that you can focus only on the most important things you need to know.
  • An interview with Adrienne Munkacsy on how to get comfortable with writing online about your business. You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes & craft natural, authentic marketing that builds connections with your potential clients.
  • Bonus interview with Shanna Hoppie of You’ll learn how to know when it’s time to hire help, what to delegate and how to find the right person.

And loads of templates to help you get from where you are now, to growing your own healing practice.

You can get started right this minute & access the training anytime you need. It’s never too early or too late to start growing your business.