The Law of Attraction, Part I

There is a jingle I learned as a young girl that says, “The law of the harvest is simple you know, whatever you reap is just what you sow.” As I have grown I realize this means all the sowing we do begins with a thought. Every thought we sow has a vibrational frequency to it and is magnetic. Since like attracts like, we are bringing to us those things with the same vibrational frequency as the thoughts we sow. When I sow negative thoughts, I reap negative rewards. Likewise, when I sow positive thoughts, positive things show up in my life.

Since at a quantum level we are all patterns of light and sound frequencies, we are constantly sending messages to the Universe. And since everything we put out returns to us, it is not the words you say that are most important, it is the vibration you send out to the Universe. Your thoughts are your most powerful mechanism for controlling your vibration.

Creating a strong intention in which you can hold a belief is the most powerful way to use your thoughts. Intentions are decisions, goals, ideas, wants, desires, and choices that are stated in the affirmative. Whatever you put your belief in will be your life experience. When you match your intentions with a positive feeling of hope, you send a signal out to the Universe that is honored, and you receive what you have intended. While I was growing up I was taught to “Pray as though it has already happened” and “Be in gratitude for the good things that are on their way to you.”

On the flipside of that, negative thoughts that are common for many people are “I am not worthy,” “I don’t deserve a great life,” “If I never expect very much I will never be disappointed,” “Good things rarely happen to me.” Many times thoughts like these are in the subconscious mind, so even though we are not consciously aware of it, these negative inner sentences are sending out an electromagnetic vibration. We may not even realize that our choices and actions resulting from those beliefs are exactly WHY the good things we want to show up have not yet arrived! We sabotage ourselves to justify the inner sentence.

As an Energy Intuitive, I have worked on thousands of clients, and I am convinced that the root of every issue is low self-worth. I have worked on people from all walks of life, from struggling single moms, to high-powered company presidents, and it seems no one is exempt from these subconscious distortions on some level. We get these negative thoughts and misperceptions from childhood, previous experiences, and many times from ancestral beliefs. But whatever their origins, as long as we hold on to them, that negative vibration is still being sown and going out to the Universe creating what we don’t really want.

So what do we do to change those negative belief systems? We will explore several different approaches in the next blog post.

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