Ready to Start Your Own Healing Practice?

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If you’re ready to start your very own healing practice, this is the place to begin. Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simple is a 5-module online course for those who’ve had no training, or for those who may have a lot of training, and simply want to get more in touch with their gifts and more grounded in the field of energy work.

It is vitally important to me that you have a solid foundation on which to build your energy healing practice. In Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simple, you’ll receive all the knowledge and experience you need to continue your energy healing studies with us, should you choose to attend the 4-day live SimplyHealed course, or if you just want the great information to use in your daily life!

This self-paced home study course will give you clear, concise information – without all the hype or mysticism – just the fundamentals of energy healing. During this powerful five-part online course, I will take you through 5 Modules where you’ll learn:

  • How science backs up the field of Energy Healing.
  • The seven energy systems, including the Chakra system, which may be the only one you’re familiar with – so far.
  • Quick and easy exercises to keep your own energy balanced and running optimally.
  • How to flip your limiting self-doubts into powerful, positive affirmations.
  • My personal formula for manifesting health, wealth and joy, and how you can use for your clients and yourself.
  • We all pick up information differently via audio, visual or other references. Learn to trust and live from the way that is most natural for you.
  • Why some people light up a room and others suck it dry!
  • A great technique to quickly dispel stress anytime, anywhere.

Inspiring, informative, empowering, and fun, this inner journey offers five recorded calls as well as access to a content-rich, interactive Online Learning Center which you’ll have use of for 6 full months! The Modules include:

  • Module 1: Good, Good, Good Vibrations and how YOUR vibes work with the Law of Attraction
  • Module 2: Your Amazing Energy System: Chakras, Aura, Meridians…and that’s not all!
  • Module 3: Listen to the Wisdom of your Body – how to interpret what it’s saying. Also learn empowering exercises to keep your energy grounded and balanced.
  • Module 4: Intuition ~ Connecting With Your Gifts. Learn to value the way YOU process information whether through visual, auditory, feeling, or a combination of many ways.
  • Module 5: Q & A – Listen to Carolyn answer commonly asked questions about energy healing work.

Best of all, Energy Healing Basics Clean and Simple is an online course so you can participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Your investment includes handouts/worksheets of the information covered in each module and you can listen to each recording at your leisure. And remember, you’ll have access to the interactive online learning center for 6 full months!

3 Responses to Ready to Start Your Own Healing Practice?

  1. DeDra RohR says:

    I am very intrested in this field i have no idea where to begin or start i have lot’s of thought’s on this suject though, my friend lisa gilbert is the one who told me about this site, she is awsome and so is the whole idea !!!

  2. susan evans says:

    I am in the same position – I have all the tools, training, insights, and will power but do not know how to begin to start a healing practice. Can you help. Just need to look at the cost.

    • shanna says:

      Hi DeDra and Susan!

      Glad to hear that you are ready to learn more about energy work. It’s a wonderful, non-invasive way to help those in our lives to overcome the “extra stuff” that none of us want to carry around. If you are new to Energy Healing Carolyn recommends you start here:

      Step 1) Subscribe to our email newsletters (on the right hand side of the main page at

      Step 2) Join us on one of our SimplyHealed™ Group Calls. There’s a different topic each month.

      Do you want to go deeper? Learn more with the SimplyHealed™ method:

      Step 3) Take the Energy Healing Basics course online.

      Step 4) Attend Carolyn’s live SimplyHealed™ Intensive Course.

      Step 5) After training, you will receive your VIP invitation to join the SimplyHealed™ Alumni Community.

      Hopefully this gives you some places to explore to give you an idea of where you want to go with SimplyHealed™.

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