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Energy healing and weight loss

Weight loss is big business — a $58 billion-per-year business in the U.S. But one issue that most of these programs don’t address is the root cause of obesity. The SimplyHealed Method of energy therapy does. Many people put on weight as a protection, never realizing that that’s what they’ve done. Fears and past traumas […]

Emotional DNA and generational issues

Ever since I can remember, I had a huge fear of taxidermied animal heads. (A strange phobia, I know.) I could not go into a room with a head mounted on the wall. During my lifetime, I’d never had a negative experience with these things, so it didn’t make any sense that they bothered me […]

Energy Therapy vs. “Psychic Readings”

If you’re expecting a glimpse into your future, energy therapy is not for you. Because I’ve done this work for so many years, I’ve learned skills that help me pick up information from the energy field, but I can’t predict your future. Instead, this information helps us release your personal blocks by zeroing in on […]

Living in the Flow at the WIN Convention in LA

On April 17, I’ll be in Los Angeles representing my “The Living in the Flow Show” at the WIN Online International Convention. Women from all over the world are expected to gather together to learn how they can Be the Change in their own lives and in the lives of women worldwide. It’s going to […]