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How soon will you notice results?

The energy shifts immediately with the integration, like a light switching on in a dark room. Most people report that they feel much “lighter” after the session. That is because they literally are! Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, etc., have a very low vibration. Once released, the void where those emotions were formerly held […]

Long-distance energy therapy

I offer long-distance energy healing, and many people ask me how this is done — how is it possible for this therapy to be conducted over the phone, long distance? Because energy is not limited by time or distance, the work is just as powerful whether I’m working with someone in person one on one […]

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses to the application of slight pressure to a large muscle, which provides information on energy blockages, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities, among other things. Muscle testing is part of […]

Energy healing and weight loss

Weight loss is big business — a $58 billion-per-year business in the U.S. But one issue that most of these programs don’t address is the root cause of obesity. The SimplyHealed Method of energy therapy does. Many people put on weight as a protection, never realizing that that’s what they’ve done. Fears and past traumas […]

Emotional DNA and generational issues

Ever since I can remember, I had a huge fear of taxidermied animal heads. (A strange phobia, I know.) I could not go into a room with a head mounted on the wall. During my lifetime, I’d never had a negative experience with these things, so it didn’t make any sense that they bothered me […]

Energy Therapy vs. “Psychic Readings”

If you’re expecting a glimpse into your future, energy therapy is not for you. Because I’ve done this work for so many years, I’ve learned skills that help me pick up information from the energy field, but I can’t predict your future. Instead, this information helps us release your personal blocks by zeroing in on […]