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Animals and Calyco Healing

how to get your ex boyfriend to love you again my ex i are friends but he doent talk about the relationship anymore I’ve had many people ask me if Calyco Healing works on animals. Of course it does! Animals are very easy to work on, because their spirits are so open. A friend of mine often works on horses; I work on my cats, and have also had excellent results with several of my clients’ dogs.

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Calyco Healing Refresher Course Praise

how to get back ex girlfriend fast Ignoring An Ex To Get Him Back I recently conducted a Calyco Healing Refresher Course, and it was a great success and blessing to everyone involved – especially me. I offered the course because so many Calyco alumni had requested to retake the training, get recertified or move on to the Calyco Master’s Level. I’d like to share what some of the participants had to say after completing the three-day refresher. “I want to thank you for Calyco. It has changed my life, my family and the more than thirty-five clients I've officially been able to serve the last few weeks. My youngest daughter wrote, produced, directed and acted in the opening and closing monologue of her first play. I was able to work on at least a dozen of the amazing young people working on that venture. They were so receptive, and the changes were palpable and have held. Calyco made a huge difference. I have several adopted children as clients, close to my heart since I'm also a birth mom. Many … Continue reading

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Bounce back from surgery with Calyco Healing

I've been asked many times whether Calyco Healing can help people bounce back from minor or even major surgery. People often complain of low energy levels and fatigue that last months following routine procedures. They wonder if they'll ever feel good again. The answer, of course, is yes!

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Age is no object with Calyco Healing

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, but you don’t always know what that “best” is. You know, for instance, when your child’s unhappy, but on pre-verbal kids, they can’t tell you why. With Calyco Healing, this isn’t an issue.

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