Athletic performance

Athletic performance

Hey, Check out the photo! Yes, that is me in the Catalina Island Triathlon. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy, it must have been because I was going so super fast- ha ha! But what I want to share with you is that by using the the SimplyHealed Method I’ve been able to help not only myself prepare for and complete triathlons, I’ve also helped many golfers, basketball players, swimmers, football players, runners, dancers, you name it, to clear limiting beliefs, performance barriers, etc. so they can experience much success!

The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method helps your body release energy blockages, because when you’re “hooked up” energetically, your entire system works better. Communication pathways throughout the body are then clean, clear and vibrant, helping to promote peak athletic performance. The SimplyHealed Method also breaks any mental blocks you may have about your own athletic competence. By removing from your subconscious mind any lingering doubts about your athletic ability, you’ll notice a huge difference in your performance. Read more

Energy therapy yields promising results for American combat veterans

by Contributing Writer Lisa Stormes Hawker


Energy therapy yields promising results for American combat veteransWith American soldiers fighting wars on two fronts subjected to extended and repeated tours of duty, it’s no wonder that so many return with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Psychotherapy has been traditionally utilized to treat this disorder in vets and disaster survivors. Success rates vary widely, but one treatment that is showing promise in treating PTSD is energy therapy. Read more

The Women’s Information Network Convention


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Elayne Pearson, Kim Coles, Carolyn Cooper

A few weeks ago I attended the Women’s Information Network convention in Los Angeles. There was great energy in that room filled with so many women entrepreneurs!  Pictured here are my friends Elayne Pearson from the “Hidden Treasures of Health Show” and actress Kim Coles from the “Open the Gifts Show.”  That’s me on the right from “The Living in the Flow Show” (which you can listen to anytime, 24/7 online).

I’m honored to work with so many great women who are all experts in their fields!

From the WIN site: Nearly 500 women gathered on April 17th in the huge Grand Ballroom of the LA Westin Airport Hotel and learned how to “Be the Change” in their personal and family lives, in their businesses, and in their communities.

Dynamic speakers such as Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Paula Fellingham, and many others held the crowd spellbound as they passionately shared their life-changing messages. (See Agenda below.)

Additionally, attendees enjoyed three different acts of live musical entertainment that the crowd enthusiastically enjoyed, and the talented event emcee, actress Kim Coles, “brought down the house” with her hilarious comedy routine ~ the crowd loved her!

Attendees also enjoyed inspiring stories by wheel-chair-bound Erica Davis, by Canada’s #1 Entrepreneur LuAn Mitchell, and other wonderful presenters.