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We have learned that there are generally two types of people who find their way to SimplyHealed™.

Which one are you?

You’ve just started learning about all this “energy” stuff and you want to learn more.
BUT you don’t know where to start or which “modality” is the best.

You’ve been in the “energy” world long enough to know what you do & don’t want with a modality that you will be committed to.
You want simple, you want quick and you want something that is effective.

Our success in life is directly related to what we believe is possible for us.

Carolyn Cooper

Top Ten Things to Say to Yourself

Often the things we say to ourselves we wouldn’t even think of saying to another person. We blame, shame, call names of the meanest sort, nag, belittle and bully ourselves through self-talk. What if, instead, we were more gentle with ourselves, asked ourselves questions and listened to the responses. What if we treated ourselves as […]

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SimplyHealed is truly the secret to changing our lives, our environments and our world!  It is an amazing compliment to any service profession.  I am so excited for what it can do for my clients!

Ronda WadaColorado

I was on your call night before last about  talent and creativity. I’m an actor by career and musician (for me!). But yesterday I met a casting director of a new CBS TV show at a meet and greet kind of thing, prepared a scene for her, and she immediately called me in to audition for a GUEST STAR role TODAY!!. Yesterday, I truly felt like I’ve stepped into myself and really found that SAFE place of BEING ME in the work. I am grateful for your help in getting there.


Thank you for today’s group session.  I feel lighter and cleaner, and can see now how far down I had let myself get before reaching out for help.  I have to remember what this feels like and maintain the higher vibration. It was a privilege to be blessed by your wonderful energy.  I am grateful that you are doing this important and valuable work.

Bonnie L.Texas

The SH course was fantastic! I can hardly wait to start using it to help others.  It’s so easy, natural, and powerful!

Loraine GomezCalifornia

SimplyHealed™ is a must to take you forward in life and help you attain your optimal self on all levels in a faster time.

Jenny HobbyAustralia
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